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  • Bella Jean


As I was leaving work yesterday, I was asked, “so are you doing anything fun this weekend?”. My initial thought was ummm no… usually never. Why was that my first thought?? Because this world has become pretty shitty thanks to Satan and sin. I’m twenty-three… When other 20-somethings think of “fun”, some of the things that pop into their heads are: concerts, bars, drinking, parties, huge groups of friends, shopping, sports, vacay… “college kid activities”. If that is what “fun” is, I don’t have fun often lol.

I like concerts, but not in the same way as I did in high school where it was just a huge drunk fest. I like parties, friends, and drinking… but within reason and in moderation. All of those things, are now worldly. They have gotten out of control. God gave them to us to enjoy, but He didn’t give them to us with the intention of them becoming our god. Look around you. Actually, look withIN you... What are you most afraid of losing? Is it money? Status? Sex? A promotion? A relationship? EVERYTHING WE NOW HAVE, WE HAVE BECAUSE GOD BLESSED US WITH IT. Us humans didn’t do a damn thing by ourselves to acquire any of it. HE did, and He didn’t give us all of these things to ABUSE. They are gifts, and we are not entitled to anything. God wants us to have fun! He's not a meaner! BUT… first and foremost in our life should be Him.

Anyways, am I doing anything fun this weekend? HELL YEAH, I AM!! Last night, I went to my grandma’s (with my dog, Emma..of course) to laugh, drink a beer, eat pizza, and listen to some gossip. I had a lot of FUN! My grandma is basically my BFF and she is one of the first people I text/call when something happens. Recently, she starting using emojis! Score! Today? Well, today, I made a promise to Emma that we would spend the entire day together. Since I went back to work two weeks ago, she has been super depressed and down. Let's be real, I have been too, but for different reasons. Emma and I stick together. We are as sticky as a pb&j, ya’ll! Emma was first in line to be my Maid of Honor. She still will be some day. She has ALWAYS been there for me and I will ALWAYS be there for her.


This morning, we went to the park, walked through the creek, fed the mosquitoes, gave a of couple dogs (and their parents) dirty looks, ate goldfish crackers, read the Bible, and took selfies. Then, we went to the dog wash! She wasn’t too thrilled with that adventure… but I was! They had a vacuum brush!! So, now, I may be able to wait until Monday to vacuum the house again!! Double score! This is so much FUN! For the rest of the day, Emma and I are going to make a bed on the floor, watch a movie, and paint our toes. Then, we are going to go for another walk or bike ride and get a fire going! We will probbbbbably have a glass of wine and more goldfish too. Church tomorrow (she can’t come unless I fake blind), then, we will load ammo at her grandpa’s and visit her BIG brother and sister at the farm (the horses)! Follow our adventures and other BPF shtuff by following the Beaten Path Faith Instagram @bellajeanfitzmaurice.

THIS is my idea of FUN - family, friends, wine, fires, guns, “pets”... I’m having bucket loads of fun so far this weekend! There is NOTHING WRONG WITH ENJOYING YOURSELVES, FRIENDS! I don’t know who started the rumor that God was super mean and grumpy. He is SO NOT. God loves us! We are his daughters and sons! Do you want your kids to be miserable? No, well, I hope not… Do you want them to learn valuable (some difficult) lessons and be able to grow up into amazing humans that can conquer the world? Uh, yeah, I hope so! GOD DOES TOO. God gave us family, love, relationships, sex, money, status, careers… He gave us all of it. HOWEVER, how we use it or abuse it is in our hands. Choose carefully, please.

WE ARE AT WAR, PEOPLE. The battle front is everywhere, and you can’t get away from it. Your heart is the battlefield. The gods are at war and you have to choose. “You are One crew, or you are the enemy of One crew. Choose.” I’m choosing the One who saved me and the One who is my Lord and Savior. Sadly, that “side” is going to be the side that's more difficult in today’s day and age. That side, with God, is going to have a bunch of bumps and detours and trials, pains, and frustrations… The list goes on, you name it! That side is going to be going against the flow of the world and you’re going to see a lot of people “passing” you much faster than you’re moving, but the thing is, they’re going the wrong direction! Just be a salmon. Salmon tastes good, and they know where the good stuff is at. They are also very strong.

SIDE NOTE: If you haven’t read the book, “gods at war” by Kyle Idleman, I suggest doing so. It is about the false gods at war within each of us, and how they are battling for the place of glory and control in our lives. What keeps us from truly following Jesus is that our hearts are pursuing something or someone else. Behind the sin you’re struggling with, the discouragement you’re dealing with, the lack of purpose you’re living with is a false god that is winning the war for your heart. Idolatry isn’t an issue — it is the issue.

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