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  • Bella Jean

BPF Soul Sistas

HEY, GIRL! Did we just become best friends???

Does that make me your BEST friend or just another friend? How many friends do you have?

Let's be honest, I don’t really care if you have 20 friends or 200 friends. “No offense” (lol - I HATE THIS PHRASE almost as much as “it is what it is”). However, I DO CARE if you think you have zero friends because that’s simply not true, and I want you to know a few things... Your God’s fearfully and wonderfully made daughter, right? Then, friend, you have like 987654321 SISTERS! Sisters, not “just friends”… you have a til death do us part, forever and ever, thick or thin, ride or die tribe. Most importantly - WE ARE HERE FOR YOU & WE LOVE YOU.

I don’t know why people feel embarrassed or whatever to show people that they really, truly love them. It’s not just a romantic thing. That’s one reason why I made this blog - SPREAD DA LOVEE. I used to feel very alone. I felt like nobody in the world “got it” exceeept for the random strangers I found in an INFJ Facebook Group lol. I felt super different from everyone around me - like I was the only mature one and the only one that thought about life at a much deeper level and the only one that had super big hopes and dreams that I KNEW were POSSIBLE. Do you know what my problem was? I thought I was surrounding myself with “good people”, and I was… but that was at a non-christian, wordly level. You can only be so good before you’re saved and experience what life with God is like. That’s when I realized how important it really was to embrace fellowship, not “just friends” (read my other post about this if you haven’t).

WELCOME TO BEATEN PATH FAITH! Join our tribe of soul sistas. Ask for prayers. Tell me about the guy that cut you off and how you may or may not have handled it well. Praise God with us. I want to know your fears and hurts just as much as I want to know what makes you laugh so hard that you pee your pants. Let me know when you get your first Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks.


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