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Beaten Path Faith & Me

Faith. Family. Firearms. Archery. Outdoors. Health & Fitness. Equestrian. Critter Mama.

Life happens - But so does God. Let's take our focus off of our struggles and put it on our Lord and Savior. Let's be real with each other, get down to the nitty gritty, and grow. YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I want to rise with you. I want to laugh and cry with you. I want to heal with you. I want to go camping and drink wine with you.

I'm a Wisconsin girl born and raised. My soul is at home in the outdoors: hiking, hunting, camping, kayaking, trail riding, swimming, tanning (does that count?)... My family unit consists of two horses, Ghost and Macy, two cats, Chester and Kitten Marie, and a shepherd mix named Emma Louise. I was engaged; now, I'm not. My heart and life belong to Jesus Christ, I struggle deciding between coffee or wine, and I cuss a little. I want to have a bunch of babies biologically and adoptive. THAT'S ME.

Want to know more? Every morning, you can find me at the dining room table with my Bible open, a mug of coffee in hand (or forgotten somewhere getting cold), and a cat waiting for their chance to steal my pen. As often as I can, my dad and I love spending time out at the farm shooting our guns and bows, grilling out, and watching a Packers Game. Usually during the game, we are reloading our own ammo, cleaning our firearms, or dad teaches me more about ballistics. I'm a mama's girl though. On the weekends, mama and I love to winery hop and watch movies. She is my best friend and when all three generations are together, you better bring a camera and ear plugs. I think that's about it - Oh, I'm a Certified Veterinary Assistant, Equine Sports Massage Therapist, and Farrier. However, I only do that part-time because I just started my awesome, professional career adventure in Madison, WI.

I'm from a small, rural town where we brought in our own raccoons for taxidermy class. I moved to a "big" city in June of 2017 and it has been a HUGE adjustment for myself, my pup, and my horses. Out of all of us, the horses handled it like champs. I love makeup, but I hate putting it on and taking it off. I love make up and taking care of my skin so much that I became an Independent Beauty Consultant for Mary Kay JUST to get the discount - JK, I also am IN LOVE with Mary Kay Ash's motto: God first, family second, career third.


Check it out, ladies!


Love, Bella